Bastion Advisory specialises in assisting clients with Acquisitions, Disposals and Mergers. These strategic events require specialist expertise and insights in order to protect value today, and minimise potential leakage in the future. We understand the risks and potential complications involved in such transactions and offer customised strategies tailored to the specific needs of each client.

From the beginning of the transaction process to its financial close and pay-away, we provide continuous support and guidance. Our experienced team actively navigates clients through due diligence, negotiation, legal considerations, and financial analysis, always advocating for their best interests. We actively identify, manage and negotiate critical items to your satisfaction, thereby maximising shareholder value in strategic transactions.


At Bastion Advisory, we prioritise building long-term relationships based on trust and transparency. By standing alongside our clients throughout their journey, we contribute not only to their immediate transactional success but also to their overall business growth.

Our considered approach focuses on delivering success, financial payback, and the maximisation of shareholder value. We assist with:

The appointment of transaction advisors

The active negotiation of the sale & purchase agreements

Regulatory and third-party approvals

We handle all transaction elements: negotiations, objectives, valuations, and more

Some of our clients
Bastion prides itself with key clients in the Private Equity, Renewable Energy, Large Corporate and Real Estate sectors

We would be delighted to assist you

Bastion Advisory is a truly independent financial advisor with a differentiating philosophy which is embedded in our core values.