Comprehensive Audit Trail
Bastion operates as an independent hedging advisor to many private equity, renewable energy, real estate and other corporate institutions.

Every financial market transaction entered into by a company, that is outside ordinary trading activities, can benefit from having an ‘extra pair of eyes’ to review for product suitability, pricing, risk and cash flow impact. Bastion Advisory offers clients an unbiased, external view on the proposed hedging solution and terms, providing piece of mind and an audit trail of pricing decisions undertaken for financial risk management.

As part of our risk management advisory services, we analyse and help you manage the key financial market risks. Our approach to hedging advisory has three key components:

1. Financial Risk Evaluation Phase which incorporates;

  1. Establish a statistically sound range a future market prices for the underlying market exposure in the relevant currency
  2. Benchmark quotes received to live market prices
  3. Measure the impact of changes in interest rates or foreign exchange rates on a financial budget, financial forecast or financial project plan relevant to the client
  4. Agree the required financial market hedges required to limit the risk within acceptable limits

2. Hedge Execution Phase:

  1. Obtain quotes from approved counter parties
  2. Negotiate pricing to market acceptable limits
  3. Execute the chosen hedges, check trade confirmations

3. Trade Monitoring and ongoing advice

  1. Book all relevant client transactions into our systems as a unique portfolio
  2. On an agreed basis e.g. monthly, quarterly, establish any changes in cash flow assumptions relating to the various transactions
  3. Re-run our scenario models against these cash flows
  4. Consider the efficiency of the current hedges and whether action is needed
  5. Report to the company on a mark-to-market positions, hedging maturities and extensions if need be
  6. Price and oversee roll overs, extensions, or early settlements of existent hedges
  7. Provide regular market update meetings
Some of our clients
Since inception in 2019 Bastion has been trusted by clients to in transacting R60bn of financial market derivatives and bonds. Our clients include:

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Bastion Advisory is a truly independent financial advisor with a differentiating philosophy which is embedded in our core values.