Bastion advisory is a trusted provider of hedging, financing and advisory services for commodity services and consumers. We provide visibility and comfort into derivative and forward markets in all actively traded commodities for both general corporates and industry specific investors. Our expertise lies in offering visibility into pricing dynamics in derivative and forward markets, helping companies and consumers understand how prices impact their production and distribution costs.

We have developed custom technology that accurately measures financial risks associated with changes in exchange rates, interest rates, and commodity prices, and when combined with our expertise, we help you understand the potential risks that you face and how to mitigate them.

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This forward-looking tool enables diversified companies to identify and address their most significant financial risks, facilitating the development of efficient hedging strategies. We are also well versed in the bank credit issues that arise on large projects and are experienced in mitigating these risks to achieve the desired outcome.

The global commodity sector has become inextricably linked to climate change and related carbon offset models. As a result, carbon has become a fully-fledged commodity market in itself. Bastion Advisory provides hedging, financing and advisory services to the producers and users of commodities.

Bastion Advisory maintains a long-term partnership with Wonderbag, focusing on carbon offset markets. Our role encompasses the structuring, pricing, and contracting for both spot and forward sales of voluntary carbon credits generated by Wonderbag carbon projects in various communities across Africa. This collaboration allows us to contribute to sustainable initiatives while leveraging our expertise in market dynamics and financial solutions.

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Bastion prides itself with key clients in the Private Equity, Renewable Energy, Large Corporate and Real Estate sectors

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Bastion Advisory is a truly independent financial advisor with a differentiating philosophy which is embedded in our core values.